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Your free 1-hour consultation begins the process of thoroughly planning your move experience.In this step, we talk about your preferences, plans, concerns and limitations.We will create a schematic of your new home, placing your furniture in the new space, helping you decide what pieces are coming with you.

The outcome of this step will be a detailed timeline of activities that will need to happen to enable you to be ready on moving day.


Moving into a space smaller than your current home?Then, this package is for you!

Using the schematic we created in the planning process, we make decisions about what items will be traveling to your new home and which items need to be re-homed.We can help you make arrangements for these items to be addressed in the manner you are most comfortable with key considerations including donations, consignment, toss, recycle and family adoption.


With our team, you will have conversations regarding furniture, housewares, clothes, files, pets and any other elements you have in your home.


Less is truly less: we help you sort and distribute items so you have less to pack and move.

Pack it Up!

As we approach your moving day, we are happy to pack your belongs or hire a moving company to do the packing for you.  Either way, we can provide all packing materials, so you don’t have to worry about a thing. 


Each box will be color coded and labeled for easy placement in your new home.

Moving Day!

Our clients appreciate the calm we bring to this very busy day. 


We will be on site to handle questions or complexities that inevitably arise on moving day.  If your move is local, we will pack your refrigerator and freezer in our coolers to transport your food to your new home. 


When we leave your new home that day you will find:  your bed made and ready, safe lighting throughout your new home, the refrigerator stocked with your food, and all your essentials on hand.

Welcome Home

Move In

This package begins on Day 2 in your new home.


Our team will arrive to put your items away, plug in lamps and getting your electronics up and running.  If you need errands run or personal shopping done, we are happy to help.  Our team is also able to hang pictures, drapes or schedule any repairs you may find you need.  The elements in this package is best defined by you.  Let us know what takes the stress out of your move and we are ready to help.


When we leave, we will take all the packing materials with us, leaving you settled and clutter free.

Home Sale

Once your downsizing efforts have taken place, you may be in a position to sell your home. 


This package provides recommendations for professionals to help you prepare your home for sale.  We will manage the work that needs to be completed by our network of professionals or those you have selected.  Activities commonly managed in this package include yard care, repair work, painting, new carpets, staging etc.

Home Clean Home

After we move you out of your home, and you are all settled in your new location, we can return to the property and get it ready for its next step.

Whether it is a clean out effort for your new buyers or if we are preparing it to be listed for sale, this package can be defined to include the help you need most.

Stress Busters

Changing Places is here to reduce stress that inherently comes with a move. 

This package is yours to define.  What loose ends do you have giving you stress?  We can help you in a variety of ways including but not limited to archiving documents, notifications and change of address forms, shopping, etc. 

Your new home should provide enhanced safety and social opportunities - let us get you on that path as soon as possible!

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