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The concept for Changing Places, LLC came from the observations of an Escrow Officer.  She told founder, Kimberly Steele that the most difficult part of her business was watching Seniors work through the complicated and emotionally charged process of moving out of their home without compassionate care and assistance. 


Kimberly, who was about to face an empty nest instantly fell in love with the mission of taking incredibly good care of Seniors during a time when her love for this generation could be put to good use.  She has personally moved 17 times and plans fund-raising events for fun.  Moving is much like an event: Set your objectives, strategize for how to meet the objectives within budget and on schedule, remove barriers to success, execute the event and do clean up! 


Changing Places is staffed with like-minded professionals.  As advocates for our client, we minimize chaos and stress through our organization, planning and communication skills.  Our gentle approach and deep bench of professionals standing by to help, takes the worry out of the process.  We are committed to our clients and will help them in the areas they need. 

A Few Fun Facts about Kimberly

  • As a college professor, she taught 21 courses in 5 Oregon Universities over a 17-year tenure.

  • She is training her English Cream Retriever puppy (Luna) to be a pet companion for weekly hospital visits.

  • The best summers were spent with her Great Gramma raising prize winning canaries.

  • Pansies and daisies are her favorite flowers as they look so friendly.

  • The years spent on military bases as a young woman created a deep appreciation for our veterans.

  • She has moved 17 times!

Mission and Values

  • Cheerful guidance and support

  • Heartfelt compassion

  • Dignity and honor

  • Respect for you and your property

  • Eagerly awaited organization

  • Devoted to your schedule

  • Exceptionally resourceful

  • Just ask - we will do the rest

  • Hopeful expectation for your new chapter

Meet The Team Leads


I love bringing organization into the process of moving.  It is so rewarding to see our clients so happy in their new home


With family far away, I know how important this service is to both the clients and their worried families.


Helping people feel secure and empowered in this difficult transition is what I love most about what I do!

Coffee or Tea? Let's talk about your move.

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